Welcome to Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority (SMSA). 

The Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority, (SMSA)  is the regulatory and supervisory authority within  the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine.  

Our primary objective is to provide and ensure that all mariners without exception use and enjoy our seas and other water bodies, in a safe and lawful manner. 

Our programmes, regulations and policies support a safe and efficient marine transportation system, and promotes sustainable marine practices so as to ensure to the protection and preservation of our marine eco systems.

The Board of Directors of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority as appointed by the President in accordance to sections 5(1)  and 5 (4) of the Seychelles Maritime Authority Act,  its members are:


 Ms. Veronique Laporte              Mr. Joachim Valmont ( CEO)                  Miss. Brigitte Ciseau ( Deputy Ceo)


Ms. Veronique Laporte  - Chairperson

Lt. Col Jean Atala   - Vice- Chairperson

Capt. Daniel Hoareau   - Member

Capt. Christopher Renaud  - Member

Mr. Jude Talma - Member

Mrs. Aaishah Molle   - Member  


“In accordance with Section 8 of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority Act, 2019, Captain Joachim Valmont has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority and in accordance with Section 9 of the same Act, Ms. Brigitte Ciseau has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.”


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About us


A Small island developing state with an international Maritime presence on par with the best international standards and practices.





A leading maritime Authority driving Seychelles‟ international maritime aspirations.

Technical Services

We offer Statutory surveys and safety certificate of ships trading both locally and internationally.

Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority

Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine

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